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Potassium lauryl sulfate

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English name:Potassium Dodecyl Sulfate

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CASRN: 4706-78-9

EINECS: 225-190-4

Molecular formula and molecular weight

Molecular formula: C12H25KO4S; C12H26O4S.K (using SciFinder Hill sorting rules);

Molecular weight: 304.49.

Structural formula

Dongming Jujin Chemical


(1) Personal care products

It is widely used as a detergent, emulsifier, foaming agent, etc., for example, as a detergent, a main component of a foaming agent or an auxiliary component, and is used in products such as toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap, and bath liquid.

(2) Household detergent

It is used as a detergent, a foaming agent main component or an auxiliary component in the field of household detergents such as washing powder and laundry liquid. Especially suitable for formulating high foaming and light detergent.

(3) Industrial cleaning agent

It is used as a detergent or foaming agent main component or auxiliary component in the field of industrial cleaning such as automobile cleaning and metal cleaning. It is especially suitable for cleaning processes that require high foaming, such as in car washing.

(4) Fire extinguishing agent

Used as a foaming agent.

(5) Water treatment

It is used as a foaming agent, a flotation agent, etc. in wastewater treatment.

(6) Emulsion polymerization

As an emulsifier and particle size control agent. Such as: emulsion polymerization of polyvinyl chloride.

(7) Dressing

It is used as a foaming agent, flotation agent, and the like.

(8) Textile, leather industry

As an emulsifier, detergent, antistatic agent, wetting agent, foaming agent, oil solubilizer and other applications.

(9) Electroplating industry

Used as a wetting agent (anti-pinhole agent) to reduce or eliminate the generation of pinholes.

(10) Paper industry

As a cooking penetrant, wastewater flocculant, waste paper deinking agent and other applications.

(11) Pets


As a detergent, foaming agent main ingredient or auxiliary component, it is used in products such as pet shampoo.

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